151 Proof Movies: Saw & Saw II

[151 Proof Movies is Nerds on the Rock’s signature way of viewing some of cinema’s most famous and infamous movies. We offer you some drinking rules to enhance the experience, and give you a ‘hangover’ review after we test them out ourselves.]

After taking a week off, Ryan and Trent are back to drinking copious amounts of liquor while your regular 151PM participants take a well deserved break. This week, the two Canadians will be watching the first two Saw films. The Saw series is commonly known for creating the “torture porn” genre, but is there more to be found here? More importantly, can these flicks be improved by liquor?

Only one way to find out.


1. Remember that time we did the thing? – Drink every time a flashback sequence occurs. Drink TWICE if the flashback has a plot twist included.

2. Fuck this shit! –  Drink when anyone says “I wanna play a game.” or “Game over.” Also drink whenever the word game is mentioned in general.

3. MENSA would be proud – Drink whenever the captives make any progress (finding a key, figuring something out, etc.).

4. He doesn’t want us to cut through our chains… – Drink TWICE anyone uses a saw on anything.

5. The most fun I’ve had without lubricant –  Drink any time someone touches their chains, or is limited by their chains.

Saw II:

1. Pass me the Buckley’s – Drink anytime someone coughs. Double your fun if they cough up some blood!

2. You can’t cure stupid – Have a drink any time antidotes are shown or mentioned.

3. Why don’t you shut the hell up?! – Drink every time Xavier is an asshole. Drink another time he he gets someone killed as a result.

4. I wanna play a game… – Drink every time Jigsaw provides instructions to someone. Drink an extra time if Billy is shown in the process.

5. He’s a superfreak! –  Drink when Eric Matthews or one of the Victims freak out.

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